Ducktools Overview

Convert .gpx Files to Routes for BWM Nagiation Systems

Convert a route from a .gpx file to use in BMW Nagiation Systems. The resulting file can copied to a flash drive and used in your car to load the route.

Convert an Image to New Image Formats like WEBP, AVIF and HEIC to Compare Filesize Reduction and Quality

The file size of images depends on the format used, a WEBP image is often about 50% smaller than a corresponding JPEG file, in AVIF format the image file can often be reduced to 25%. The efficiency of the image formats is different for each image, so you always have to test the effect yourself, here you can check the effects of bidlformat and quality settings on your own images.

Two Line Element Set Validator

Are you working with Two Line Element sets? Then have a look at the TLE Validator, see problems in your TLE set in an instant. The TLE Validator also verifys your Checksums, so whenever you wanna get the correct TLE-Checksum just drop it in there.

Track Spacecraft

Are interested in seeding the Internation Space Station (ISS) or other visible Satellites? This Spacecraft Tracker gives you an easy overview where the Spacecraft is, was and will be.