BWM Route Converter

Convert a .gpx File to BMW Route Format

How To Use the Converter

  1. Create a route on your favorite platform e.g. from , and export it as a .gpx file. Make sure to include the waypoints and trackpoints in your export settings
  2. Set the maximum Trackpoint count. Take your .gpx file, drop the file into the box on the right.
  3. The file will be converted to the right format for your BMW Navigation System.
  4. The file will be offered for download as a .zip File
  5. Prepare a USB flash drive, format it as FAT-32 and extract the .zip File onto the fresh flash drive
  6. Now you can insert the flash drive in your BMW, go to Navigation->Routes and Import from the flash drive. Now you are ready to go. Enjoy your Route!

Max Trackpoint Count:

General Remarks

This converter was tested with routes from (registration neeeded for route export) and but routes from other sources may work as well. One thing to note is different BWM Navigation Systems have different capabilites, in that they are limited in the amount of trackpoints they can handle, e.g. a F87 has no problem with a route with 49 waypoints and 128 Trackpoints but an E89 may not be able to handle that. According to ZRoadster Forum a E89 can only handle something like 34 trackpoints. So in the end you will probably have to experiment a bit with waypoint and trackpoint count. If you do find the right settings for your model, please send us a mail so we can start a compatibility table outlining the parameters for each BMW model.

For questions or remarks email us at